About Us

Our sole purpose is to sell only the highest quality grips made of the most exotic materials.

Exotic Pistol Grips was created by Jeff Sofferin, an avid gun collector for the past 35 years. As Jeff's collection grew he realized there was something integral missing to his beautiful .44 caliber Ruger Vaquero - a matching grip. The walnut grips that originally came on the pistol were too plain and unattractive. Jeff scoured gunshow after gunshow looking for the right grip while meeting other people in search of the same thing. Most dealers sold the rubber or replacement grips but there was very little in the way of materials such as elk horn, sambar stag horn, bone or exotic woods.

Upon this realization, Jeff saw the need to provide gun aficionados with the highest quality grips made of the most exotic materials. People at gun shows would always ask him whether he had a website. From these inquiries came ExoticPistolGrips.com in 2009. You can find Jeff and his son Adam at most Southern California gun shows. Look for the man with the .44 caliber Ruger Vaquero with 100 year old sambar grips.

As their inventory inventory of grips grew larger the two decided to open their own full retail gun store at 631 East Arrow Highway, Suite A, Glendora CA 91740.


Jeff Sofferin
Jeff Sofferin Adam Sofferin