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Exotic Pistol Grips is THE source for custom exotic pistol grips. To find out what drives us every day to produce great products, see below.

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Definitely, the single biggest problem with ordering products online is that what is pictured on the site is not what you ultimately receive. This is no more evident than when buying grips. Realizing the appeal of any grip is the design in the material, Exotic Pistol Grips displays the ACTUAL image for every pair of grips we make.

At Exotic Pistol Grips, What You See is What You Get. GUARANTEED

How come other sites do not display the actual grip you are purchasing? The reason is simply because those sites do not actually have those products in stock. Once you place the order the company then has to procure the material, stabilize it, carve the grip, and polish it. This process can take 1 week to 3 months if the material is not easily obtained or the curing stage takes longer. All of this occurs after you have already paid!

EVERY grip pictured on Exotic Pistol Grips is currently within our inventory and can be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Browse our extensive collection of exotic pistol grips or place a custom order.


All material on Exotic Pistol Grips is 100% genuine and of the highest quality. Some of our material may come as shocking to some, among them afzelia and giraffe bone, but are in fact 100% real. To find out more about our types of material, click here.


Over the years, gun manufacturers have made countless changes to their products from the minute to entire overhauls. As avid collectors for the past 35 years, the people at Exotic Pistol Grips have a great deal of knowledge about firearms. Every model carried on our site has been thoroughly researched to ensure they fit appropriately. In fact,

if a pair of grips is sold on our site, know that we own that gun.


All of our grips have been stabilized to ensure they do not warp or bend. Every grip we make is fitted to its corresponding pistol to make sure all the contours line up correctly.

If we wouldn't put it on one of our own guns, we wouldn't put it on one of yours.