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Colt Commando

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The Colt Commando was introduced in 1942. Needing to ramp up production for the war efforts, Colt created the Commando as a cost-effective alternative to the Official Police. Around 50,000 models were made during WWII and issued to the U.S. Army, Military Intelligence, Counterintelligence Corps, OSS, and U.S. Navy.

The model pictured for sale was manufactured in 1942. It is in fine condition with 95% original parkerized finish. The cylinder has a thin index line. The serial number on the yoke matches that on the frame. The barrel is marked “Colt Commando .38 Special.” The barrel address and flaming bomb are clearly visible. The high points on the grips are worn. The Colt medallions are in good condition. There is slight pitting on the cylinder, likely due to iron deposits as a result of blood splatter.