CZ USA 75 P-01

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Brand: Exotic Pistol Grips


The CZ 75 P-01 is a compact, aluminum-framed 9mm designed for LE and Military duty, but its compact size and the reduced weight due to its forged alloy frame make it ideal for discrete carry as well. Equipped with a decocker, the P-01 provides convenience for those who prefer hammer-down carry. With a heavy first-round trigger pull, any additional shots are a light, crisp single action

The U.S. Army “Mean Rounds Between Failure” (MRBF) requirement is 495 rounds for 9mm pistols. During testing of the CZ P-01, the average number of stoppages was only 7 per 15,000 rounds fired. That equates to a .05% failure rate or an MRBF of 2142!

What's in the box:

  • 2-10 round factory magazines
  • Cleaning rod and brush
  • Instruction manual
  • Factory plastic case


Caliber 9mm
Barrel length 3.7"
Sights Glow-in-the-dark sights
UPC 806703011998


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